The fixed star Algol

The myth behind this fixed star is that of Medusa being decapitated by Perseus. Medusa, like Algol, gets a bad reputation. She actually used to be a beautiful vestal virgin before she was raped and impregnated by Neptune. Pallas Athena was repulsed by the ordeal and punished Medusa by turning her into her well known image today with her head of many snakes.

The pain and injustice is represented by the poison that Medusa holds inside her. She holds the antidote as well, leading to the positive side to Algol. Algol holds poison that tortures, maims, and kills her adversaries, but she also holds the power to heal that same poison.

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This leads to the idea that Algol has a light at the end of the tunnel. Though the pain and destruction are inescapable, the antidote provides immortality…or at least the feeling inside oneself of immortality. The ability to rise above all the terror. The ability to handle anything. Possibly to test themselves to see if they can actually handle the darkness, possibly for masochistic pleasure, possibly just for fated reasons…but whatever reason, the fact still stands.

There will be difficulty. Those with strong Algol influences in their natal chart are usually well suited to handle these difficulties. Having Algol in close conjunction with the angles will affect all the angles, but will manifest most obviously on the angle it sits on. Transiting personal planets on Algol need to be observed, and high caution is recommended.

Synastry aspects to Algol also need to be approached with caution…it can suggest violence, pain, and injustice. Another notable factor about this fixed star is its relation to female empowerment. This is because of the myth, where Medusa was punished for being raped, and beheaded for this punishment. It can represent female strength being repressed or punished, beating into submission. Algol also represents alcohol, alcoholism, and trouble regarding this. Some natives, that have both Algol and Capulus, persecute their own improper conduct and this impropriety often generates shame.

Capulus with or without Algol natives also persecute Algol or Algol type behavior in others.

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Though this fixed star is mostly trouble, the empowerment it can give can be seen as a gift. Those who do not fear death, pain, rejection, and are willing to go through torture, to reach a specified goal.

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There is no second guessing, they know they can handle it. Just deal, it's a quick and relatively painless death. Although I heard your brain stays alive for about three minutes. Look at the poor in Iraq.

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Who knew? Daniel Pearl for instance.

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Just be careful. I can probably tell you when you'll be the most vulnerable. What about Juan Pablo II? He has Sun conjunct Algol too.

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Is there some way to avoid such tragic fate? I feel like Algol is a double edged sword and can be focused as a shield and is more of a raw force where caution is needed, like playing with wiring.

Algol can be deep and evolving force. Think of the beautiful young Medusa, a mortal, either raped or seduced by the god Neptune in the most sacred temple of Pallas Athena. It seems like Pallas set Medusa up to be a shield. IN Handel's Messiah evil is chased by Medusa The feminine has been vilified for thousands of years and may be a bit pissed off. Dear Heidi, Thank you for your comment. Yes, there is big power behind Algol. The question is whether Medusa is capable to control herself or not.

In practical term, the prognosis is rather negative. May be so, may be not. She also bestows a gift, if the receiver is ready for it. It is the ability to reflect curses and send them back to their presenter. Dear Terrie, Thank you for your comment. As far as I remember the original myth, the powers of Medusa were not as selective as you like to think. Moon in Aquarius.