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Here's what you need to know about the personality traits of the Scorpio zodiac sign, according to an astrologer.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

She read my situation to the t. Her reading for last month didn't resonate with me too much but this definitely did. It's very scary how accurate it was. ETA: Actually I think she did predict my little love triangle going on last month. Most of what she said was wrong except that one part. Mar 4, 5. I wanted to watch my video, but I couldn't get past her money hungry buy buy buy my cards follow me on facebook ish. Mar 4, 6. I am so done Lol she was so excited she couldn't even really elaborate on the reading. She said it's the best she's done so far, with nothing negative to say.

She stated: Blissful Happiness!

Pisces WHENEVER YOU ARE READY PISCES! July to August 2019

New love! Maybe even potential marriage! Someone who is emotionally open, and ready to give me the world!! After all the previous lies from other sources I'm not getting my hopes up, I'll just be watching.

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I still like her though. Thanks Liliu. Mar 4, 7. Thank you for the tag op. I'll watch the video. I'm curious about somethings. Mar 4, 8. Do you know? Like for instance my Sun might resonate now, and next month it could be the moon that resonates. What's going on behind the scenes that causes the shift I'm just curious, has she addressed this anywhere?

Mar 4, 9.

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Mar 4, Goddess Ariel this might answer your question. I already knew this but I just wanted to know the reasoning behind the shifts in relation to horoscopes. All three somewhat tie in regarding the unsure what is going on now with my current relationship except for the using part Taurus - the person I'm with may be using me and whatever real intentions will be revealed sometime later in the month. I'll wind up making a decision to leave or not Aquarius - the person I'm with or myself may be closed off or unsure what they really want from the relationship.

Seeing how it goes in the meantime. Towards the end of March, mid-April they may want a commitment after all Libra - currently I may not receiving what I need in the relationship so I should take some space from it to evaluate what changes need to be made if I still want the relationship. I haven't seen him since Tuesday, and was going to continue to keep my distance until Monday, but now I'm thinking I do need to have a talk with him about my needs also sometime this weekend.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Mar 5, I find Kay pisec's videos too short, she does not give enough details, I have been listening to her videos since january and her readings do not resonate with me. There is another tarot reader on you tube that I love, Alexandra Traot.

Her readings always resonate somehow.

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I also listen to her readings for my crush's sun sign, and so far she has always described the situation quite well. I might add that I'd rather listen to Alexandra's readings for march, because whatever video I watch, crush's sun sign, my sun and moon sign Iam a double aries or rising sign, March is gonna nothing but pure bliss for me lol I tried to create my own thread about her but I could not, so I am sorry to hijack your thread.

Listen to Alexandra tarot and tell me what you think about her readings Her Gemini reading fits me We shall see what happens.

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No more. This is an opportunity to embrace your unique design, to celebrate how you were created and to not just realize what your purpose is but to sink into your identity free of shame. No mincing of words here. You can say what you mean and backlash may come but the message you give is clear - you are ready to take action that stems from a source of deep knowing.

Saturn is involved and so is Jupiter. There's a harmonious energy that allows for what is meant to be to become clear for you to see. This can involve the giving or taking of property, involving money or the ending of a relationship that wasn't right in the first place.

March Love readings with Kay Pisces

These are important, and changing times. Aries, all the good things you are about to experience or are experiencing now are not mostly part of your doing. While your love for speed and being first advances your life, the positive things are not most of your doing however no need to worry about it, just enjoy this time.

Just go with the flow and you will be able to be successful and not worry.

Taurus, success, and achievement are on their way to you. You love material pleasures and treasure anything someone has given you that is special, you will soon get everything you deserve and want. A man of significance will provide you with his support to help you get what you most want.

This figure can be your father, husband, or boss. You will also feel very confident during this period. Gemini, its a time of dramatic change. Take this time of change as positive and something fun because you will be able to handle any changes when they are fun. The changes coming your way are difficult and sometimes painful but you will get through it.

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These transformations are just making you grow and will make you stronger. Cancer, a period of fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction are what you will begin to experience now. You are enjoying everything that you have worked so hard to achieve and finding satisfaction with your success and the lifestyle you are currently living.

During this time you will experience greater strength and spiritual awareness that will bring you even more joy. Enjoy this time and spend time with your family and close friends! Leo, you are having a dramatic life change. This is a new beginning and you should try to see it in a positive light as it will grant you numerous new opportunities. Now is the time to re-evaluate your life and make difficult decisions.

This coming change can even give you want you never knew you desired before. Be cautious at this time in regards to you or a loved one's property, whether moving, deciding on buying a new home, or renovating your progress may be stalled for a while. Virgo, you want clarity in a time where you feel very confused and vulnerable. You want to know every little detail about your future and how things that are troubling will turn out.