Often though, this understanding can be a reason for you two to feel competitive toward each other, unless other aspects soften this response. Alicia C. Katz's Planets Aspecting Albert Einstein's Planets Sun square Venus This square is typically an indication of attraction, although there may be some friction.

Yet, this friction is usually mild and may only add to the sexual tension between partners, which ain't all that bad. The Sun person's assertiveness may occasionally be felt as pushiness by the Venus person and the Venus person may sometimes seem oversensitive to the Sun person. Sun square Saturn This tends to be a difficult and frustrating combination. Each of you may feel like there is a wall between you that somehow, limits your ability to really get in touch with each other. The Sun person may feel restricted or burdened by the relationship with the Saturn person, even though he or she may very much want the relationship to continue and to work out.

The Saturn person may feel his or her security or authority is threatened by the Sun person or the circumstances surrounding the relationship. These difficulties are not insurmountable, by any means, but they are sobering. If the relationship flourishes in spite of the problems, it can be both solid and enduring.

Sun sextile Neptune Because Neptune spends so many years in each sign, everyone born within a few years of each other will have Neptune in more or less the same position. This sextile is therefore more significant as an indicator of the Sun person's response to an entire generation than as a trait in a one-to-one relationship. If the aspect is within a degree of exact, you are likely to be very supportive of each other's dreams and ideals. You can also bring out the charitable and benevolent side in each other. Sun conjunct Ascendant You are likely to immediately recognize aspects of yourself in the another, whether these traits are deep or superficial links will depend on other factors in the comparison of the charts.

Your tendency to bring out and accentuate similarities in each other can either mean you're bringing out the best or the worst -- or maybe a bit of both in one another. You may feel a strong connection, but the danger is that your relationship may be focused on narrow issues and lack objectivity. You'll need an opposition or two between your charts, or some outside influences and interests, to get perspective on this pairing. You can, at different times, complement each other or clash; provide each other with the missing half of the puzzle or disagree strongly about what the whole should be.

For the most part though, this opposition is more likely to bring a pleasant spark to your relationship rather than genuine friction. Mercury trine Jupiter This trine is usually an indication of intellectual rapport. It often indicates a relationship where one - usually the Jupiter person - is the teacher or mentor to the other. You're likely to make good traveling companions. You will probably also enjoy conversing with each other more than you might with others.

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With this aspect, it's best that you live in the same area code or you're likely to run up huge phone bills without even noticing. Venus conjunct Ascendant This is a favorable aspect for romantic relationships and marriages, and has the added benefit of stimulating the creative self-expression of each of you. The Venus person identifies with Ascendant person's self-image and the Ascendant person's feeling of self-worth is likely to be enhanced by interaction with Venus person.

You are likely to share tastes in music, art or other forms of entertainment. Mars conjunct Ascendant Sometimes it's passionate, but sometimes the fever raised by this combination is simply a headache. This conjunction can make for instant attraction, but it can also inspire competitiveness between the two of you. Neither of you is likely to know exactly where and when to put the brakes on.

There is the potential for too great an emphasis on taking action, without enough thought given to the outcome of that action. This can lead to conflict between you, especially if you're prone to placing blame on each other when something goes wrong. Jupiter conjunct Uranus This aspect is apt to give relationships a stimulating, free-wheeling quality. You may inspire each other to try new things and take chances that you may not take alone -- and you can probably get away with it assuming other chart factors are not heavily weighted against this.

The potential negatives: the Uranus person may at times be a bit too "way out" for the Jupiter person, and the Jupiter person may seem too traditionally oriented to the Uranus person. Jupiter trine Neptune Because Neptune spends so many years in each sign, this trine is more significant as an indicator of the Jupiter person's response to an entire generation than as an indication of one-to-one relationship traits.

If the aspect is within a degree or so of exact, it can bring a very benevolent, generous, idealistic and tolerant relationship that enriches both of you. Spiritual, religious and idealogical compatibility are probable with this trine. Uranus trine Pluto This is a generational aspect, and is not particularly significant in one-to-one relationships. Neptune opposite Pluto This aspect occurs between all those born in each of two generations and has virtually no significance in one-to-one relationships.

Pluto opposite Midheaven There can be quite a bit of psychological upheaval in this relationship, with much of the drama played out on the domestic scene. An intense emotional and family situation is likely, especially if the aspect is close to exact. Pluto here can have either a constructive or destructive effect on the careers of both partners, but especially on the Midheaven person. The two of you may also find yourselves in a subtle struggle for control on the domestic front. Part Two -- Planets in Houses This section is concerned with where the planets of one partner fall in the houses of the other, also known as comparative house placement.

For instance, if you have 12 degrees Cancer rising also known as Cancer Ascendant or Cancer on the first house cusp and your partner has Moon in 15 degrees Cancer, your partner's Moon falls in your first house. Your experience of your partner's emotions, family and moods Moon will influence how you see yourself Ascendant.

In comparative house placement analysis, the planets generally have a greater impact on the houses than the houses do on the planets. In other words, where your partner's planets fall in your houses is a better indication of how you experience him or her than vice-versa.

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And where your planets fall in his or her houses will tell more about how he or she experiences you. The sign on the cusp of this house is called your rising sign or Ascendant. It shows your self image, the face you show the world and how others see you. The image you present can either be quite close to or very different from the inner you, depending on whether your Ascendant is in a sign that is similar or different in characteristics to the signs your Sun and Moon are in.

When the planets of your partner or another fall into this, your most personal house, you will relate to the energies of that person, represented by those planets, in a very personal and immediate way; there may be a kind of instant recognition between you in these areas. Sun in House 1 You are likely to feel an immediate identification with each other; more so the closer the Sun is to the Ascendant.

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The Sun person can strongly influence the self-image and ego expression of the first house person and this may challenge the Ascendant person to be more assertive. Although not, by itself, an indication of sexual attraction, the Sun of one partner in the first house of the other indicates that you two can think and act as one in many circumstances, thus supporting any relationship you form together.

Venus in House 1 This placement is highly favorable for romantic relationships and is a good indication of attraction. You are likely to identify with each other emotionally, and to feel an instant affinity with each other, especially if Venus is within a couple of degrees of the first house cusp. The first house person's self-image can be enhanced by association with the Venus person. The first house person is also likely to have any artistic, asthetic or musical activities he or she is engaged in, enhanced by association with the Venus person.

When another person's planets fall in your third house, the energies symbolized by those planets will have an impact on the issues of the house. For instance, if a friend's Venus the planet of romance, relationship, emotion, art, luxury, among other things falls in your third house, your emotional response toward this person might be in some way similar to what you would feel toward a sibling, or you might communicate emotionally with one another.

Jupiter in House 3 The Jupiter person can help the third house person expand his or her intellectual, educational and communication horizons, and to add depth to his or her ideas. The third house person can keep the Jupiter person on track with details and organization when the Jupiter person begins to get too expansive or scattered. You tend to be good traveling companions and are likely to enjoy discussions and other forms of communication with each other.

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It is also the house ruling your final resting place. Those whose planets fall in your fourth house will affect you on a deep level, and may arouse your protective and nurturing instincts. If the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter or Ascendant of another falls in your fourth house, you may make good housemates or domestic partners. Moon in House 4 This is a particularly favorable placement for those living under the same roof.

There is probably a strong identification between you on an emotional level, with the potential for great empathy, or even an intuitive link. You can nurture each other and be protective of one another, but you can also exacerbate each other's moodiness. You're likely to depend on each other for emotional security and may retreat into a cocoon together -- in a kind of "you and me against the world" response -- when things aren't going your way. Uranus in House 4 The Uranus person is likely to have a disruptive effect on the fourth house person's feelings, domestic situation or family relationships.

If you share living quarters, something about the home is likely to be untraditional, eccentric or innovative; or there may be sudden changes of residence. The Uranus person may have an unconventional or unusual relationship with the fourth house person's mother. Pluto in House 4 The Pluto person can be a powerful force for change in the fourth house person's domestic situation. This is likely to be an intense emotional involvement if Pluto also closely aspects the fourth house person's personal planets.

If there are major hard aspects from Pluto to the fourth house person's chart, there may be power struggles between the Pluto person and the fourth house person's mother. Vanity and using persuasion or charm for self-interest can be a downside. Venus Conjunction North Node : Lessons are likely learned in relationships.

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Venus Conjunction Midheaven: Direction in life is probably aimed towards people and relationships. Can be good luck for networking and charming others in the professional world. Beauty and arts can really attract this person career-wise. Venus Conjunction Chiron: Might concentrate on healing others, especially their partner, more than themselves.

Ascendant Aspects

But can also indicate someone who heals through a partner or close friend. Might help others heal through art. Venus Conjunction Ceres: Friends and lovers and nurturing all go hand-in-hand for this person. They will be highly nurturing, affectionate, and warm towards others and is usually nurtured by gifts, beauty, physical pleasures, and verbal affirmations.

Venus Conjunction Juno: Their love life will likely breathe romance. Harmony and security will be their main drives when getting attached to a spouse. Venus Conjunction Pallas: Talents are probably going to have an artistic or aesthetic flair to them. Intuition can be more tuned towards relationships and social settings. May look to others in measuring their talents and knowledge however. Venus Conjunction Vesta: This person should look into art therapy or any creative outlet. They need to release, recharge, and get in touch with mental health via art and beauty.

Pleasure and happiness comes easily when one can focus on mental and emotional health. Venus Conjunction Lilith: Watch out for bad choices in love and friendships, might attract bad company. Lilith could manifest easily in relationships. Strong Neptune in genera l Like a chameleon, Neptune can blend into any role without trying, consciously or not. If strong enough in a chart physical changes can be strong, random and sudden. These people can reject their natural looks and change them, but other times change will happen naturally but still as shockingly.

It amplifies the two sections above. Some good and bad aspects cause late bloomers or Benjamin Button syndrome. If badly aspected skin, bones, hair, etc. This along with a serious look often causes a natural look of older age. Saturn also can cause doubt and a depression about look, which can cause a inner need to change. With age we transform in the cycle of life, depending on aspects we can see how extreme it is.


So if you have a really bad aspected, you might age worst then some people, ect. Besides aging, people with strong pluto will change, naturally or not, there appearance through dormant periods. This kinda answers the opposite your ask but I find that bi quintiles, semi-squares, semi-sextiles, inconjuncts, and a few other minor aspect to the ascendant especially Sun, Venus, and Neptune to the asc.

People with fixed signs on their angles Read the Aquarius and Scorpio sections above for an ascendant reading, which is the most strong angle in the since it is how we physically expression our chart. The other angles are more of why we express in that way. But with Leo ascendants, the have a need to perform they can actively want to change their appearance. Like a actor putting on their make up backstage. Pisces and Cancer being on the 8th and 12th house also adds a lot more emotions. But all these changes are often more powerful yet slow than Scoprio ascendants. Sun conjunct Pluto - her sexuality is a part of her character.

She has a certain intensity, which she likes to show. People with this aspect love to provoke and get reaction from people. Mars conjunct Ascendant - She has a very strong physical presence. Her body is an important part of her appearance and the impression she gives. Venus conjunct Midheaven - Venus is the planet of beauty and the Midheaven is status, public image, reputation, career.

She is known for her looks, body, face, overall physique. Pluto in 10th House - This makes her be known for her sexuality, intensitity and provocations. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Post a Comment. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and romance, while the Ascendant represents our self-image, our physical appearance, and the way we project ourselves to the world.

The Venus person loves the way the Ascendant person looks, dresses, and behaves. The couple easily expresses affection, and aims to please one another. At the same time, the attraction on the part of the Venus person is rather superficial, which can leave the Ascendant person wondering if they are only loved for their looks.